Parallel are design-led web application developers specialising in mapping and data visualisation, particularly for clients within the UK healthcare sector.

key public sector clients

Department of Health
Health Facilities Scotland
Health and Social Care Information Centre
Public Health England

recent mapping projects

Published interactive maps and exploratory exercises investigating the capabilities of data-driven Mapbox GL vector maps.

GP practice registered patient catchments: data published quarterly by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. Displays data in two alternative modes: by GP practice or by patient area.

Our standard basemap tiles have been specifically rendered from Ordnance Survey OpenData to provide an optimised, almost monochromatic, background for the presentation of overlaying datasets – either in the form of marker locations and/or semi-transparent polygons and lines. Data used for the creation of the maps comes from OS’s Open Map, Meridian 2 and Terrain 50 products.