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Building construction dates are published monthly as opendata in the BAG (Basisregistratie Adressen en Gebouwen) dataset in the Netherlands and the geometry for all 10 million or so buildings is available along with building heights and full address details.
Motivated by trying to find the age of my son's apartment in Amsterdam gave me the perfect opportunity to update a map I remembered seeing many years ago that had been rendered using Mapbox's old Tilemill application. The BAG dataset provided the opportunity to use Mapbox GL's capability to render 3D buildings, coloured by age of construction.
Rollover any one of the buildings on the map to discover exactly how old it is. I discovered my son's apartment was built in 1951.
The map is currently using the January 2020 BAG dataset.
Thanks to Mapbox for their generous support in keeping this resource live following its initial launch.

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Public Health England
NHS Digital
Department of Health and Social Care
Health Facilities Scotland

SHAPE for Public Health England

Alternative travel types Travel time isochrones on map Single isochrone demographics Registered patients location and age profile; GP workforce


SHAPE (Strategic Health Asset Planning and Evaluation) is a free-to-use application for the NHS and Local Authorities and has been in constant development for the past 15 years. More recently a series of atlases have been developed that provide a range of options for visualising the location and details of the healthcare facilities in England; looking at specific datasets relating to specialised clinical commissioning, dementia and public health; and presenting Local Authority care provision and demographics.
The SHAPE Place Atlas brings together a range of mapping capabilities centred around the location of the healthcare estate; the accessibility of the sites via a range of transport options; and the demographics and clinical activity of the local population.
The SHAPE Place Atlas includes NHS Digital data providing details of each GP practice’s registered patient population and workforce; Environment Agency flood risk mapping; CDRC air quality layers; and demographic and other OpenData data from ONS, GLA, Department of Transport and NHS England.
Made with Mapbox: we're using Targomo's catchment generation API to allow all SHAPE users to dynamically generate access catchments for walk, cycle, car and public transport, for one or many sites and then provide detailed population demographics for any specific catchment isochrone.
See more details and register for access at

mapping projects

Interactive maps and exploratory exercises investigating the capabilities of data-driven Mapbox GL JS vector maps and 3D rendering. Free resource for geography students in UK schools.

Our standard basemap tiles have been specifically rendered from Ordnance Survey OpenData to provide an optimised, almost monochromatic, background for the presentation of overlaying datasets – either in the form of marker locations and/or semi-transparent polygons and lines. Data used for the creation of the maps comes from OS’s Open Map Local & Open Zoomstack. See our guest OS Blog celebrating seven years of OS OpenData: